Project Aims & Objectives

The Mapping the Underworld initiative’s Goals:

  • To make all stakeholders aware of what can be achieved with various geophysical techniques
  • To take the soil conditions into account when planning and interpreting data from various geophysical surveys
  • To develop a multi-sensor device capable of identifying all utilities
  • To ensure that, in future, no newly installed buried utility is invisible to geophysical utility location devices
  • To ensure that records of utility locations are as accurate as possible in three-dimensions
  • To make data accessible (in 3-D) and understandable to stakeholders
  • To allow all stakeholders to manage safety, financial, social and environmental risks associated with utility location data
  • To assess the condition of buried utilities using geophysics
  • To promote the use of trenchless technology

Aims of Current Research:

  • To research and develop both existing technologies and new techniques to improve the detection rate of buried utilities without the need for excavation.
  • To develop a prototype multi-sensor device
  • To fuse the data streams together to predict what is buried below the device
  • To understand the impact of soil conditions on the detection techniques.
  • To control the risks associated with installing or repairing buried assets.