Tuning of the Multi-Sensor Device to the Ground Conditions

University of Birmingham
Led by Dr D.N. Chapman

This work package aims to develop equipment for use in field testing of geophysical soil properties and, in conjunction with the British Geological Survey (BGS), to create a Knowledge Based System (KBS) that will allow geophysical soil data to be predicted using geographically mapped geotechnical and geological data. Both are intended to inform, and significantly improve, utility location during the planning, site operations and data interpretation phases of site surveys.

The deliverables from this research project include a KBS for application with the new multi-sensor device; a set of soil suitability maps for the four geophysical techniques, based on the KBS and associated geographical software model, for a number of case study sites; and a set of test methodologies, and associated apparatus, suitable for providing data on soil geophysical properties in the field, to further optimise the KBS and multi-sensor device, at survey locations where access to soil can be obtained.